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Sassy Single Mom’s Guide:
to Living a Life She Loves by Honoring the Essence of Who She is

Are you looking for some help, support and inspiration to start rebuilding yourself and your life after divorce?

If you are recently divorced, or were divorced some time ago, but still feel a bit stuck - I'd like to help! I've written a guide to help other women, like yourself, recover from the loss of divorce, adjust to life as a single parent, and create a life they love—by honoring their essence. I believe that is the key.  

Ebook-- A Sassy Single Mom's Guide

She decided to start living the life she'd always imagined …

I don't remember where or when I first heard this quote, but I have never forgotten it. After my divorce, I made a personal decision to do the work of discovering my true passions and deepest desires and pursue a life that would reflect them. No matter how long it would take, I decided I would no longer live as a shadow of my true self. I began the work to pursue a life I loved, a life I had always imagined, by honoring the essence of who I am.

The Sassy Single Mom's Guide includes lessons I've learned from my own journey, stories from my experiences, and coaching questions with every chapter to help guide you. I know this is a hard time. Losing a spouse is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can endure. It can be lonely and scary. It hurts. I know. But, I also know—that though this is an ending—it is also an opportunity for a new and very beautiful beginning.

Your life can be nourishing and strong again, so long as it truly reflects who you are. I want to show you how to begin again. And, the good news is … we can begin again, and again and again. As many times as it takes. Because life is a journey.

“Reading your book made me realize the importance of self-care and getting back to that which endures, the traits and perspectives that make me ‘Me.’ ” -K.C.
“I found your book to be enlightening on many different levels. It gave me the hope I needed to start believing I could get up every morning and things would start improving. It also made me realize it is ok to love me, even though I have been told so many times that it wasn't. But, above all else, it made me see I can raise my child on my own and be a great mom and happy doing it!” -S.M.

Start honoring your essence

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