I choose to Remember Me

About Kris

A few years ago, I began a personal mission: I was going to discover the essence of who I am.

Kris Andrews

I wanted to figure out what would really light me up, what my natural abilities were, and what kind of unique contribution I could make to the world. I read books, took tons of tests, attended seminars, and interviewed family and friends about what they saw as my natural gifts.

I defined success for myself and set my course. I knew I wanted to be an available parent to my two beautiful children, to have work I could pour myself into, and to create a life that sustained my passions.

I have had a desire to serve others all of my life. I began by working overseas (another passion of mine!) in the former USSR with humanitarian projects and in adult education as an English teacher. After returning to the states, I worked for a local parenting publication and then turned my energies toward social justice working for a domestic violence agency.

Being a catalyst for change, and helping others improve their lives have been consistent themes for me. My personal mission has led me to life work in the personal development arena. I am also pursuing a Masters in Counseling. I have a vision for empowering women to discover their own passions and boldly create a life for themselves and their children that will nourish and sustain them.

I often say that I want to feel like a GIANT in my own life (sometimes humming the "HO HO HO - Green Giant" theme song to myself!) and if you're wanting something similar, I want you to know that it's possible!

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